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     Wuhan Phisher Control Technology Co., Ltd.

    PHISHER is one of the leading manufacturer in the industry, which is skilled in producing the conveyor monitor and control system, with more than hundred kinds of product line so far. Phisher production based on the development of science and technology are designed on advanced ideas and manufactured in accordance with the strict production management system in order to provide the world famous conveyor equipment manufacturers excellent products and technical services. Phisher products have been installed on the conveyor belts over 20000 kilometers
    PHISHER’s safety guarantee products, such as pull cord switch, belt sway switch, belt longitudinal anti-crack switch, speed monitor, limit switch, chute block switch, etc. are widely used on all kinds of conveyor belts in cement, electric power, port, chemical industry, coal, mining, metallurgy and other fields.
    Wuhan Phisher Company creates the spirits of “unity upward, perfect innovation and full of vigor”. Any department
cannot separate from the whole group. Any process should conform to the changes of situation to keep optimization;
any employee will put 100% into work to maintain the effective operation of the corporation, which are a steady stream
of forward momentum of PHISHER. We adhere to the open and equal communication mechanism to cope with what problem may at any time arise, and keep walking forward firmly to become stronger and stronger. 


    Phisher Company advocate streamlined decision –making mechanism
        Separate management, division-cooperation and swift decision may ensure the efficient practice of core business. To pull together, keep communication and build team can put forward the future development of the business. We promise to achieve the objective in the best way.
Phisher company aims at the satisfactory of customer

       We promise to achieve the unique design, the strict process, the economical cost and the rapid delivery. The Customer’s constructive suggestion would decide our direction of efforts and the Customer’s unique need would decide the design and development of products. We believe that every cooperation between the customer and Phisher ought to be comfortable and joyful.

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     Phisher's Social Responsibility
        Phisher company always chases for the personal development and efficiency priority, while we commit to the continuous improvement of the society and the significant and positive contribution to the progress.
When we make breakthroughs to accelerate the development of new products and new business development, we also try to reduce the negative impacts on the social environment. Phisher company may carry out the environmental philosophy to all aspects of operations of the company and will put the service concept into the interests of the society. We focus on the needs of the society and the opportunity of the company development, meanwhile we will gradually put part of the knowledge, skills, resources into the areas which in great need of the society to help alleviate social problems such as education, environmental protection, poverty.



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Building 7-5 of Guandong Industrial Park of the East Lake New Technology Development Zone in Wuhan City of Hubei Province of China.




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