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Post: Position: Sales Engineer
Professional:electrical Engineering and its automation or other
Publish Date:2015-07-22
Job Description:
● 2 years working experience of project sales in industrial market; be familiar with the process of project work;
●Sales experience of process control instrument products;
●Possess strong learning ability and continuously enterprising and daring to challenge oneself; 
●Good interpersonal ability, communication skills and analytic and judgment competence;
●Bachelor or above, major in electrical engineering and its automation or other related majors

Responsibility :

●Responsible for tracking the design drawing of various design institutes and the projects information of certain industries,such as mining, electricity, building materials, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, etc. in North China.

●Responsible for the analysis of equipment manufacturers situation of different industries; maintain and develop the complete plant manufacturers; 

●Maintain existing distribution channels to help distributors determine the development plan; 

●Ensure to achieve the sales goals set for. 

Location: Wuhan, Hubei  

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